Tuesday, June 30, 2015

March 23, 2015

Time is truly moving here in this area we are working super hard, with struggles and all things are still moving super quick. My district that im over has 2 of the toughest areas in the mission and the missionaries there dont have much to do and some dont care to do much. So for DDM the weekly meeting we have as a district. i taught a whole lesson designed around the hymn "Come all ye sons of God" using the verses combined with scriptures and a short mormon message i tried to help create a spark in those who were struggling. it seemed to help and atleast some of them showed their thanks and gratitude for the advice i gave. Even if they didnt learn much i still was able to learn a ton as i prepared and taught. But for me im just trying to be a good example to them and try my best. Mashava and i this week were at the top of the list in the Mission for the amount of hours we worked in the area! and i'll tell you just Trying brings forth some fruits. This week for example we got 4 powerful people on Baptism date and they will forsure be Baptized. 3 are a power family that just showed up at church my first Sunday here in this area (that was a miracle and a blessing of hope for me) and the other is a member referral for an older lady that has a 30 year old son and a 10 year old grand daughter. One of her sons was Murdered about 10 years ago in the front yard when he came home late and found guys trying to break in. Sad story but our next lesson with her is going to be the Plan of Salvation tied in with Temples and i think shes going to be filled with Joy! Anyways things are constantly up or down but "There are no shortcuts to a place worth going."! anyways things are going and time is flying! i love you all! continue to be safe and not made of glass! haha 
Much Love,
Elder Alex Sorenson 

PICTURES: Pics from last P-day when we went to Moses Mabhida Stadium. Trips Mashava and i take if i buy him lunch! haha

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