Tuesday, June 30, 2015

March 16, 2015

Time flew this week which is always nice cause it shows we're working super hard. its been crazy and nothing to special most of the days but there were days when things happened. Wed. we had Zone Conference and it was perfect for me. We were taught about finding more joy in the work, more hope in continuing to be diligent, and so on. they Ap's are two big sports guys from (Az and Utah) so they applied somethings and talked about scarfices to serve missions. im close with both of them and they called me out of all to share what it means to sacrifice cause they know my situation and things but it was super nices and theres a lot of AZ boys in the mission so we got a Az pic which was cool. Anyways one crazy thing that happened this week was on Saturday. So theres this Colored family (not black not white, but a mix. there like the mexicans of africa) thats part active, part less active and part non-members and we see them quite a bit and are teaching a few of the non-members. There name is the Allens. So Saturday we get to the complex its about four 2 story apartment buildings and the whole entire family stays there like cousins and all. Anyways we arrive and we see the 10 year old kid Tyler that we are teaching and he's with another kid and one of the cousins tells us (ayy i dont like when he's with that kid. they will smoke." we call Tyler and he took off up stairs trying to ignore us so long story short. we went up stairs ate some toothpaste and tried to hide the smoking (remind you he's 10) anyways while we gave him fire with his Auntie and mom then one of the girls ran in and said to of the sons got in a fight and ones eye was bashed open. so we wont and policed that situaions. Dylan the other guy we are teaching there, he's 19, is the one that the cut. crazy stuff happens at the Coloreds house, we talked to both the ones that fought and told them some good stuff! when we were leaving the moms said "Elders next time bring a camera so we can film our own reality show!" We died laughings. That was the crazy thing this week. 
      Sunday we chill and i met a old frail Member named Brother Barry Milne. He's an 83 year old white guy and has been a member since 19. He said he served with an Elder Dan Sorenson on his mission in the ealry 1950's and asked me if i could help get them back in contact. so i said i'd ask you guys. before leaving church i once again spoke to him he asked a few questions about family and even knew Mesa Az and right before leaving him he said with more love and kindness than i have ever felt from someone, "tell your family that theres an Ancient man, who wasnt ancient 83 years ago that sends them his love." then we tears in he's eyes and a choked voice he said "Elder thank you, Elder We love you." It touched my heart for sure! anyways not much else from this week but i hope all is well at home! cant wait to hear for Ben about the Mission call. Love you man! 
Elder Alex Sorenson 

PICTURES:  The Arizona Boys (left to right) Fox (Gilbert, Basha), Jensen (st. Johns) Petrie (Gilrbert, Mes. High), Me, Van Winkle (Show Low, Football player), Ferrin( The Ap, Thatcher/ Okalahoma, Basketball star). Burger King Trip last Pday. My new Apartment and car. Red black and white is my bed. 


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