Tuesday, June 30, 2015

April 20, 2015

The Family, 
Relaxed week. Elder Webb is an awesome guy and we sure laugh a ton together but there have been some crazy things going on lately. i had a bad infection in my foot but its getting better. but things are going smooth. Tuesday was a crazy day with transfers. We picked Elder Webb from the Bus Station 5:45am and hung around at the Senior couple boarding for a while and around town as well since we had to stay in town till 4pm when Mashava was leaving. Anyways we ended up going to Victoria Street Market in town and while we were in there they locked down the whole place because outside there were people looting and throwing stones, what we didnt know at the time was something called Xenophobia has broken out here in Durban. Its where the Local Zulu's are killing all other Africans not from S.A. Crazy stuff. I guess now Boko Haram and Al-shabab have come out and said if the South Africans keep being stupid that they can expect bombings in Durban and all that jazz. Pretty big news story this side but i havent seen any danger or anything crazy the passed days i feel very safe. but on a happier note from tuesday i did buy Mom a Zulu Nativity and a nice Zebra skin wallet for myself. The rest of the week was alright i was in and out of the Doctor with my infection but we still did work and had fun doing it! Bluff is a sweet area and we are beginning to have some nice success. We had 4 Baptisms on sunday. 2 young girls who were a refferal from a member and were baptized by that member which was super cool. Then 2 guys from a part member family. Tyler whose 11 and then Dylan whose 19. i baptized both of them which was such a great opportunity. But a great experience i had from the baptisms was that i ask everyone that i helped progress to baptism to pray for who should baptize them. Dylan came to church Sunday and said i prayed all yesterday and i know its you. It was nice to know that he prayed and got the answer that i should baptize him! It was a great week for sure! I love you guys and keep me posted! 
Much Love, 
Elder Alex Sorenson 

Elder Webb and I loving our American AZ companionship. Took a Picture of us preparing the font and things for the baptisms. Baptisms of Dylan and Tyler Allen, i was luck to baptism both of them. Also Anathi and Phelokazi Magobani (the two girls) were baptized by a member named Cedric and then a child of record was baptized by his older brother. 

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