Tuesday, June 30, 2015

February 23, 2015

Eish it was one of those weeks. Lots of ups and downs and it was extremely frustrating at some points. Atleast we get transfer news on saturday so i think i can "act" happy till then. The work has been good so there no complaints im just trying my best to do all i can. Things are progressing pretty smooth with people here in this area. i gave this less active guy named Molefi some money to make me a new suit since the one i came on mission with would fit two of me now haha but he handmade this super sweet suit for me in just a few days! but anyways just trying to find ways to stay happy and motivated these days. im doing it though! i chose to sacrifice when i came on my mission and sacrifice sometimes arent meant to be enjoyed even Christ did what he did because it was the Will of His Father not because he wanted to do it. Life is weird sometimes cause in this straight and narrow path we are all trying to be on sometimes we step on eachothers toes which causes others to fall astray, or even ourselves. Its hard to describe the week and what has been going on but lets just say when your driving down the road where you are seems so much bigger than where you are going but when you arrive to the place you could see its all the same size. Things will improve and i hope it'll be sooner rather than later but if i want it to happen i gotta get up and make it happen. In church yesterday Kaizer Mohobane shared a cool little story and i'll try to explain it for you. He said, "There once was a young boy whose father went to jail when the kid was a baby. As the kid grew up he had no food to eat so he called his father and asked his father what he was going to do to help him. As they talked the father told the boy he had hidden guns all over their property in the yard and when he said that the guards over heard him and first thing the next morning the guards went to the house and dug up the whole yard looking for the weapons, but they found nothing. Then confused the young boy called his father and asked why he would say such a thing when there was nothing there. The father replied from in here there wasnt much i could do to help you but atleast i was able to get the yard plowed so now you will have to go and plant the seeds." It was a very unique story and it can apply in so many ways to our lives but no matter what there is work we must do even if the way has been prepared for us. Anyways things are going out here, we get transfer news on Saturday so we'll find out what the plan is. but also Lesotho Prime Minister elections are this weekend so we might be locked in our boardings for a few days cause it could get violate so next monday if i dont email thats why but either way life is life... You gotta love it. I love you all so much and continue to keep me posted! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to BEN!! (later this week, Love you big guy). 
Love you all,
Elder Alex Sorenson

A Letter to Mom:
Hey Mom,
Just thought i'd share something real quick that just happened. so today after emailing we went to the Zone Leaders to sort out everything between my companion and i. we got there and i explained everything from my side and admitted i said a few things i shouldnt have but my comp continued to take everything i have ever said and put it out of context and try to get me yelled at and then we wouldnt admit that he was lying. so we ended the meeting with ZL's and i went in and sat in the car and read a few letters i got today talking about how im a good missionary and a good example and even a talk from Elder Holland call "Lord i believe" as i read those things it all sunk into my heart i got out of the car went and called Opiyo and we went into the Zone Leaders study room to talk one on one and i asked for forgiveness and said i was very sorry he didnt seem to care but i said it with tears in my eyes and had him read a view quotes you sent me about Love and Caring for your Comp (two quotes i got in the letters today). I ended the short talk with a word of prayer and asked for help. I know the Lord is truly there and is aware of every situation.Those letters arrived today for a reason and to teach me a major lesson. even though i hadnt done anything wrong asking for forgiveness brought me down into the depths of humility. Mission has changed me. I dont try to lie or cover things up anymore. i feel different now and everytime i do something wrong or hurtful i try right away to correct it. Its hard asking for forgiveness and becoming humble but its worth in after. I hated being wrong at home but now i always say sorry if something happens or if i get into an arguement. Mission has been a place for me to really change and grow up! Its truly impacted my life and i have seen a big difference in myself. anyways i thought i should share it with you! Everything is good now and just trying to stay happy, humble and loving. I love you
Love you,
Elder Sorenson

PICTURES:  Lesotho Election Rally (party called ABC). A banana that was as wide as my nametag (the things you take pics of to cheer yourself up haha). Moms Lesotho Nativity set. Then me in my new Hand made shirt, suit and tie. the guy on the far left is Molefi he made it all for me and the family is wearing other shirts and even a traditional dress that he made. He came to church for the first time since i've been here this past sunday.

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