Tuesday, June 30, 2015

February 2, 2015

Another week down and this one seemed to just fly passed. We decided to leave the car at home for a few day and walk.(i've noticed that if im having a long week i need to walk cause walking makes days fly by). anyways we probably walked about 15 Kilometers thursday and friday but i enjoyed it! we did alot of contacting and knocking on doors which i've come to enjoy cause you never know what to expected. For example, this week we were walking around and i started to skip so stones with little kids for 5 min cause i wanted to throw in some fun into the day and then out of random these weird guys come to us with their phones and wanted to take picture with us so i was like okay what the heck why not i even pulled out my camera. The main guy kept trying to hold our hands like we were praying and i was just laughing and resisting we got some funny pictures though. Nothing stands out too much from this week other than things i have shared with individuals in their emails.One let down this week was with a Less Active guy named Molefi. the past few weeks i've been working hard to get home some new scriptures since he doesnt have any and we finally got them so we take them over i think friday night and he wasnt home but we left them with his active brother George, we went back to the next day to see if molefi had got them only to find he was dodging us that day since he had gotten drunk the night before when we took them to his home. His bro gave us all the details but even seemed to find it wasnt a big deal but yeah theres always a let down but the positive atleast we got him scriptures and he can read and figure things out. i did get a package this week with some Christmas stuff but it was nice to get a package i gave alot of stuff to Opiyo but i was excited for those books i got and i read about 100 pages in the first 2 days or so. i got a few letters as well and let grandma know i say thanks for the beautiful Christmas Party invitation. im glad i got it in 2015 cause i know im invited to the one this year! haha Anyways continue to let me know how life is going! you're all in my prayers and thanks for having me in yours! love you
Elder Alex Sorenson

Those creepers. Mail day! Christmas in Lesotho in Feb.

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