Tuesday, June 30, 2015

April 27, 2015

My Family, 
     Its nice to be back to a steady workout. Elder Webb is a team player and atleast will wake up at 5:45 and follow me in the car while i run a few miles in the morning to the beach where he then will join in and run with me together a little bit farther. My Energy and Desire have come back pretty strong since i've gotten back into workout mode which im grateful for. We did alot of finding this week and we ended up tracting on Marine Drive, the super rich street. We talked with a few people and got one return appointment but the funniest thing that happened was we knocked on a lady's door and she came and Elder Webb was like "Hello we're missionaries, sorry to bother you.." and the lady was like "Good then dont [bother me]." then shut the door. Man it was so rude but it was something to laugh about. The rest of the week was fairly nice. We watched 6 hours of General Conference on Saturday and the another 4 yesterday. It was a nice conference and i learned so much and heard alot of things i really needed to hear. They answered all of my questions i had about the future so im ready for the future to come. As for now its nice to continue to grow in my knowledge of the Gospel. I'll got a few pocket sized Book of Mormon's that im going through looking for certain topics plus reading Church History and all sort of old books i have found. The Gospel is amazing but somethings are deep and hidden in the cracks but slowly but surely im learning more and more each day. As for the missionary work this week i really came to know and love the feel that come from being a vessel of the Lord to help others feel his love. One night this week after a long day Webb and I ended the night about 8:45 at the beach playing catch with a baseball when we began to chat with a few guys and a girl around our age. It marveled me how young and immature they seemed to us even though they were a bit older but it just shows to me that Mission and the Lord are molding me into the man they need me to be in the future. That night i could honestly see a big change in me since i left home 18 months ago. What a blessing it is. Anyways i love you all tons and hope to hear from you all next week! 
Much Love, 
Elder Sorenson 

PICTURES: Crazy little monkey sticking its tongue out at us. Jack Fruit (a ripe one smells like Monster Energy). Some Pics out in the Bush. Finally got a package, its funny how the Fritos i got i know were in the cupboard forever since everyone at home hates them but hey they tasted super nice. My desk and wall theses days. 

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