Tuesday, June 30, 2015

May 18, 2015 ***

My Family,
     Mission is something i have really come to love. After Skyping last week i came to realize how much my mission has shaped me and molded me. I've really come to love my mission! This week was quite busy at points and super boring at other times. We had a day that was just crap but other days that just flew by. Sunday we had a great opportunity for some baptisms. We had 4 Convert baptisms and each of them are amazing. The Nophakela's (Mom, and two daughter Zuko and Zine) are power! They just randomly showed up to church my first sunday here on the Bluff and now they are in the water! they are such a great family and other members of their family plus their neighbors will be baptized next month. Also Ma Mtwana was baptized, she was a referral from a member and was a great investigator from the start. Its cool seeing the change that takes place as one is converted unto the Lord and the Gospel. Each day goes by and i wonder if i went and did what i was suppose to do that day, i always tell myself that If i help enough people get what they want then one day i'll be able to have everything i want. Going down into the water with someone that you have seen from start to finish is a sweet experience. But before church, maybe like 5 min before it started the bishopric came to me and said "someone didnt show up today for their talk and we need you to speak"... i was like " Oh great.." I knew what was coming but its a cool thing to also see me just get up and speak for a few min on anything, people said i did good but i honestly just had a prayer in my heart that i'd have a little success! Im so happy for the chances i have had the past 18 months. One experience that happened today that i havent had ever was a game drive and seeing some Elephants that got a little up close and personal as you'll all see in the photos. Sorry for no analogies or stories this week that are exciting but not much to say. Enjoy all the pics. Ben Goodluck with the Farewell talk you'll do awesome! i love you man! and i love you all! 
Much Love, 
Elder Sorenson

TONS OF PICTURES:  Nice Golfing with my baseball bat on the beach. Baptisms. Elephants, Lions, Zebras, Webb and I in The SADM (South Africa Durban Mission)


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