Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 8, 2015

    Hey last night our house was broken into. It was before we got home from the work so we werent there and we are safe. We're dealing with very dumb African thieves all they took was my Large suitcase but they emptied it all out and didnt really take any valuables. Just my suitcase, running shoes and my milk are missing from me. The guy even left me Kangaroo pouch with US money in it and my harddrive and even my Gerber he left open but just on the floor. But i was just letting you know that we are safe and that i'll probably be using my Credit Card today to swipe for a new pair of shoes so i can continue on my workout programs. but dont worry too much. As for the Temple stuff and Scripture cases im not going to the Temple it was just the ward going and i didnt trust anyone to leave them with my credit card but a member did spot me and got me a Giraffe case and i'll pey them back once i have money. Plus i thought a little cash might be handy for the market where they sell things cause im going to get a pair of scriptures bond in the animal skin and i can use my card for that. but anyways just letting you know a few details about what happened nothing to bad just missing a few things but hopefully it'll be of good use to the man who stole it! We're safe and i got my journals and SD cards so no worries. I love you tons!


 Me and all my stuff after the break in and photos from the crime sence itself! 

June 8, 2015  CONTINUE......
A week of weeks i'll tel you what. 19 months down and not a single robbery but this is Africa no one is exempt from that. After a rough start to the day on Friday; waking up sick, weekly planning, bunked appointments. We went to this large apartment complex to look for a former investigator that we use to teach and Elder Webb and I were both down but before we got out i said "man lets pray before we go walk around we need some help." So i prayed and asked that the spirit would atleast be around us as we walked through this complex and about 20 sec after we got out of the car a guy, out of random, came up and was like "Elders whats up? i've been trying to find the church this side but i cant believe that i found you guys now." Turns out that this guy was a member from Zimbabwe and has been here a few months. That was by far the miracle of the week. 
   After that experience our Friday and week seemed to be looking up. We ended Friday with a great lesson with the Nophakela's and headed home. We got home and i got out to push our gate open and as Webb backed the car in i looked only to find that the burgular gate we busted up and the front door was wide open. i stepped back and called Webb to get out of the car and to pop the boot (trunk). I grabbed my baseball bat out and we went over to our land lords cause we didnt want to go in. Finally our Neighbor came outside with this big tactical flashlight and a paintball gun and we went in and searched the house. Some other details about what was going on i'll leave out and how the robber knew this and that. But i'm in Africa because the robber only stole my large suitcase but emptied it out on the floor, My running shoes, my sweet snapback Atlanta hat, and Our MILK out of our fridge. Webb only lost his milk but i lost a few things but the guy left alot of other expensive things that came from my bags. Crazy night we had to wait for the bogus cops to come. You could be dying and the seriously wont show up for an hour or 2. Webb and I are super grateful thought since we didnt loose much. Its just our pride and comfortablity were disturbed. Anyways all i well not much other action going on. We are staying with the ZL's for now but just living life and enjoying mission life! I'll send you pics from last week and this week as well but i love you all and continue to keep me posted 5 MONTHS TO GO! 
Much Love, 
Elder Alex Sorenson 

PICTURES:  Sister Gwen's 82nd Birthday, Shes invited us for dinner (the two black guys are from Mozambique, Benjamin on the left and Armando on the right). Webb in a kids mask. Myself going old school in the traditional attire.


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