Tuesday, June 30, 2015

May 4, 2015

Weeks fly but days are long. Another week and month are gone, its crazy that Mothers Day is almost here and how much has changed in the past months since i skyped lasted. Many ups and downs here on the Bluff. Elder Webb and I are trying hard but its discouraging when things out of our control take a turn for the worst but i've tried to look to the bright side and keep my mind occupied on books instead of getting down. Lately i've been reading one of the Church History Vol. that i found in the boarding and its got some nice stuff haha. I'll have to get all the volumes one day. As for the work lots of things going on and not sure how to explain most of it in one email so i'll just keep in in the journal and maybe one day remember it. Nothing to major to talk about but i did think of a nice analogy one night. Elder Webb and i went to the beach about 8:45 pm yesterday just to end the week with some chilling. And this weekend there was a full moon in the sky the illuminated the dark ocean and sky. As i looked upon it i realized that the beautiful light that it portrayed was not its light at all. Some might say that the light of the moon shines bright and this or that but really the Moons light is from another or the Moon is running off the Sun itself. As i thought about this i began to think of how many people run off the light of others and how some of us think we have a testimony but really we fool ourselves. This week i saw that alot, i guess to say that us missionaries are the light here and if we dont go around and help others theres nothing at all to light their paths. But i thought again, sometimes people avoid those good examples like church leaders, missionaries, spouses and so on and their personal light begins to fade and they only become crests of the moon with just slivers of little coming through the darkness and even some arent even in the sky at all. But the blessing that the call those Moons that arent in the sky is a New Moon which reminded me of a scripture in Eph. 5:14; Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead and Christ shall give thee light. Christ will truly help us regain or little but only if we aline ourselves with him and his gospel principles. The Sun never moves but the moon is always changing positions or the earth sometimes blocks the light from the moon. So as long as we aline ourselves with Christ and his gospel the light will shine upon us as long as we dont stray from the straight and narrow path or allow Work, Friends, Education or our Pride block us from the light of the Son. Anyways that was just my thought of the week since i did have much to type in the email i thought i would just share that thought/analogy i had made this week. Anyways i love you all and cant wait to hear and see you on Sunday! i love you 
Much Love, 
Elder Alex Sorenson 

PICTURES:  The View from where we took a 20 min lunch break. Saying bye to the Cinquini's who were the senior couple here in the Bluff Ward their from Salem, Oregon (the Black suit make me look super skinny but im not). My chair at one of the lessons had a few surprises.

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