Tuesday, June 30, 2015

February 16, 2015

Wow what a week. Things have been pretty crazy this week but things are still progressing to get to good! i had a very happy moment this week when we taught the first lesson to a family. the reason i was happy is cause i've been trying super hard to find a family and teach them. This Family was golden, hopefully we'll be able to get them to progress. That first lesson we taught the Plan of Salvation since they have a new 10 month old baby boy and we stressed the importance of Eternal families and families in general.Saturday i had Exchanges, i went with Elder Marumo and it was so nice to be with a chill/smart guy to go around teaching. i really enjoyed that exchange and i was even able to help him since he was struggling a little bit with his companion. Sunday we had church then right after we drove an hour and a half to a city called Leribe because i had to do some Baptismal Interviews. i did 2 and each was about an hour or a little longer then right after i drove again back to my area an hour and a half away and went straight to 2 lessons then we got home about 8:30pm i was dead but still seemed to have some energy even though i had fasted the entire day. so talk about exhausting but hey at least it was productive. Today we were able to go to a old battle ground where Lesotho won its freedom, its called Thaba Bosiu. we had to hike a pretty good mountain and its sad how out of shape 20 to 25 year old guys can be out of shape i watched my whole district struggling to climb this mountain while me and another elder and the Senior couple Elder did it so easy. its nice having an increased work ethic and to be able to have a strong desire to push my limits each day working out or teaching the gospel! its nice to enjoy life. Anyways on the spiritual side of things. i was reading Matt 19 this week and it applied to me verses 16-22 Christ is talking to that rich guy that has everything and the guy wants to know what he can do to obtain eternal life and then it hit me when Christ told him to leave everything he had and follow him... Am i willing to make that sacrifice for the Lord to continue in this work.. We'll find out. Christ then says in verse 26 that giving those things up is impossible on our own but with God all things are possible and the verse 29 (my favorite) says that anything we sacrifice will be returned back to us a hundredfold! Just some thoughts to make it seem like this email is from a missionary. haha i love you all and keep me posted.
Elder Alex Sorenson

PICTURES:  We had a Braii(BBQ) for our ZL Elder chigede since it was his Bday.Picture of me doing the daily routine and thought i'd get a pic since i was bored of knocking. The rest are pictures from our district activity. We went to a place called Thaba Bosiu which is this historic battle site where Lesotho became free and fought of people. it was a cool place and i got alot of pictures. The pic at the grave yard all the piles of stone behind me are graves. Enjoy

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