Tuesday, June 30, 2015

April 6, 2015

Another week has gone by quick and the "Roller Coaster" was up and down and even threw in a few loop-d-loops. Im super happy i have some Motivational Talks from sports guys that help me get through weeks. Cause its tough looking all around you and not finding the situations that i want, but i will be creating the idle situations for myself, no more waiting for things to happen. The week was truly eventful and a goal i set for myself on Friday for the coming week was to ti every lesson, no matter what we teach, back into the Restoration. So a trick situation came up Sunday afternoon at our lunch appointment after church. The family we were having lunch at decided to have all ther family over and amongst the ones that came was their daughter and her husband whose a Pastor of another church. Boy oh boy have i ever seen such Pride. This guy Prideful, Childish, and just flat out ridiculous. We were kind as always he sat down in the same room with me and the Tv had a soccer game going. So obviously i asked " baba do you like soccer?" he looked back at me and glared then went and played on he's phone. so i thought "okay this guy must really not like soccer." But My comp was in the bathroom at the time that happened so after he came and asked "baba hows your Easter?" the guy didnt even acknowledge him. After a few other situations that occured with the Guy and after lunch we decided to share a small video, Because of Him, since it was Easter. The video was powerful and you cant watch it with out feeling something. We then went around the room and asked everyone One thing that the felt. Some felt Joy, others Hope, and other Peace, then it came to the last person... The Prideful Paster. He just said " i have NO Comments" everyone in the room was like okay this guy is bogus. (pastors dont believe the can learn something from Us young boys) but it went on and the thought came "crap how am i gonna tie this into the Restoration?" then one of the Members hows a goof guy but loves the gospel wanted to raise a little more chaos in the lesson, so he raised his hand and was like "Elders dont you guys have a message more about Christ you go around to share called The Restoration?" It went dead silent in the room expect for my comp laughing cause he knew tension was High, but i jumped on it and took the chance to bear my testimony About the Living Christ and also the Restoration in Brief. as i did so the Prideful guy slumped down in his chair and pretended to sleep but i didnt care i had no fear to share my testimony. Anyways things will get going good. I gotta give 2 talks next sunday, One in church and another at a fireside.. Yay. But i'll do my best. I will fail my way to success. Cause when things go wrong, i dont go with them! Anyways things are good! i love you all!
Much Love,
Elder Sorenson

PICTURES: Waiting at the Berea Boarding to do a Baptismal Interview for those guys (Elder Welling, Mashava, Me). Brother and Sister Mpuma (a family that fed us a big dinner when we just popped in to say hi on Thursday).

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