Tuesday, June 30, 2015

March 9, 2015

It was a different week to say the least. I didnt sleep at all on the bus from Bloemfontien to Durban and from sunday to tuesday morning i was running on 5 hours of sleep. Tuesday i saw quite a few missionaries. i was able to see Elder Moorhouse for about 15 min which was super nice since its been a year since i last saw him. and now he's moving to the other side of the mission again just as it has always been. Anyways the week has been crazy. My new comp Elder Mashava (Zimbabwe) is a cool guy and is out going and kind. He's talkitive but always shows and tell everyone he loves them its pretty funny. Tuesday to Friday though i didnt seem like myself i was down and just careless with how things are and just exhausted but had no time to rest. we've been going out at about 8 am to work and dont get back til 9:30. so its tiring me out but its but good hard work. but not too organized. The Bluff, as they call it, is a pretty sweet area is kinda like Florida where as it is surrounded by the ocean on 3 sides. Some parts are trash but then others are extremely nice. There one road call Marine Drive that is almost beach front and is the Malibu of Durban it has some of the biggest houses i have very seen in my life and they are all beach front. Crazy stuff but super nice. Theres a member that stays about 50 yards from the light house in a beautiful home. but things are looking up and i feel i'll enjoy this area. Its a legit place! Anyways this morning i finished the book "Visions of Glory" that book was pretty crazy but was an eye opener and mind blower for sure. things are all well for me time is going quick which is nice but a long way to go! just continuing to work and do my best in everything i can. A quote i came up with this week that has really helped me is..It takes Faith to be Obedient but Obedience to be Faithful!  somthing that was nice for me to think about. anyways i love you all a ton! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jake today and Grandma tomorrow i hope you guys have a good one! And keep me posted with Ben and his mission call! We'll see if he'll join the African Crew! I love you 
Elder Alex Sorenson 

PICTURES:  Lesotho the day i left. Brother Kaizer and i. Me and Faganello on the bus from Bloem to durban. 

      Pictures from the new area. We had soccer on saturday against another branch. soccer here is Africas churchball! it was pretty good and im getting pretty nice. By the way this if the first GRASS soccer field i've play on my whole mission. Elder Mashava is the guy in the Blue and black stripped shirt then Bro Cedric (the one who sent me these pics) is in the dark blue shirt with blue shorts and neon yellow socks. Enjoy! 

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